2016 NACSA Conference Program

2016 North American Chinese Sociologists Association Conference
Sheraton Seattle Hotel, 1400 6th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101
 August 19, 2016 in Redwood Rooms A and B, Second Floor
8:00-8:30 Coffee/Tea Continental Breakfast
8:30-9:50 Redwood Room A: Marriage and the Family Redwood Room B: Health
Presider and Discussant: Jingjing Chen, University of California Davis Presider and Discussant: Baozhen Luo, Western Washington University
Seeking Intimacy outside of Marriage: Off-Farm Employment and Marital Instability in Contemporary China Cognitive Impairment among Female Second-Hand Smokers in China: A Longitudinal Study
Ke Li*, Framingham State University Xi Pan*, Clemson University; Ye Luo, Clemson University
 Employment at Marriage Transition: Labor Force Participation and Informal Employment under Economic Reform Using Socioeconomic Indicators from Census Data in Health Outcome Research: Conceptual and Practical Procedures Applied in a Case Study of Breast Cancer
Bin Lian*, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Min Li*, Norwich University
Offspring’s Filial Discrepancy and Parental Depression: A Mixed-Methods Study Complementary and Alternative Medical Service Use for Mental Health Problems Among Chinese Americans: The Effects of Acculturation-Related Factors
Yiqing Yang*, University of Utah Lin Zhu*, Temple University
When Things Don’t Go as Planned: Cultural Capital, Field, and Parental Strategies for Elite University Enrollment Too Good is Too Bad: How Does Educational Achievement Affect Children’s Mental Health?
Yi-Lin Chiang*, University of Pennsylvania Wensong Shen*, University of Pennsylvania
9:50-10:00 Tea/Coffee Break
10:00-12:00 Redwood Room A: Governance, Civil Society and Networks Redwood Room B: Stratification and Inequalities
Presider and Discussant: Bin Xu, Emory University Presider and Discussant: Xiaoling Shu, University of California Davis
Generational Perception on State Legitimacy and Legitimation—Changing Faces of the Chinese Communist State and Its Popular Reception Earnings Gap Among Chinese Workers: Class, Social Networks, and Labor Market Structure
Hexuan Zhang*, University of Virginia Qiong (Miranda) Wu*, University of Connecticut
Cohesiveness or Competitiveness: Venture Capital Syndication Networks and Firms’ Performance in China Democratizing referrals: Market transition and labor market networks in China
Song Yang*, University of Arkansas; Yuanqin Li, Shanghai University, China Elena Obukhova*, McGill University; Brian Rubineau, McGill University
Individual Education and Societal Conditioning Effects on Liberalism Values: Evidence from World Values Survey Patterned Fluidity of Chinese Ethnic Identity: Networks, Time, and Place
Tony Huiquan Zhang*, University of Toronto Cynthia Zhang*, UMES
中国国家治理政策的转型 Institutional Sectors, Social Capital, and Income Attainment of Hukou Converters: A Comparison with Urbanites
苏竣, 清华大学 Yinghui Li*, Xi’an Jiaotong University and University of Minnesota
Abidance: Sensemaking and Covert Collective Action in the Chinese Bureaucracy Kinship Networks and Informal Finance in Rural China
Tina Lee*, Princeton University Hannah Waight*, Princeton University
“Province Governing Counties Reform”: Intergovernmental Relations and Grassroots Governance 社会分层、制度分割与社会不平等:一项关于中国养老金制度的福利社会学研究
Jiaji Wu*, University of British Columbia; Faxiang Yang, East China University of Science and Technology Hua Wang*, 华东理工大学
12:00-1:30 Lunch Break
1:30-2:30 Redwood Room A: Migration, Urbanization, and Development Redwood Room A: Gender and Sexuality
Presider and Discussant: Lingxin Hao, Johns Hopkins University Presider and Discussant: Emily Hannum, University of Pennsylvania
Cross-Space Consumption and Social Status Compensation: The Case of Fuzhouness in the United States Women’s Higher Education in the Republic of China: Shanghai and the Geographical Divergence
Min Zhou*, Nanyang Technological Univ ; Xiangyi Li, Sun Yat-Sen University Yuqian Wang*, HKUST; Yunzhu Ren, HKUST; Chen Liang, Nanjing University; James Lee, HKUST
Under the Shadow of “One China”: Chinese Marriage Migrants and the Gendered Geopolitics of Integration in Taiwan and Hong Kong The Double Penalty? Ethno-Gender Outcomes in China
Catherine Man Chuen Cheng*, University of Toronto Hua-Yu Cherng*, NYU; Reza Hasmath, University of Alberta; Benjamin Ho, Vassar College
Hukou/Migration Status Across Cities: A Multilevel Analysis of Determinants of Worker’s  Earning in China 孤残儿童机构照顾的实践模式及其优化路径 ——以广东G市社会福利中心为例
Qiong (Miranda) Wu*, University of Connecticut Shaorui Xu*, 华东理工大学; Faxiang Yang, East China University of Science and Technology
2:30-2:40 Tea/Coffee Break
2:40-4:20 Redwood Room A: Education Redwood Room B: Civil Society, Social Movements, Organizations, and Social Change
Presider and Discussant: Min Zhou, Nanyang Technological University and UCLA Presider and Discussant: Wei Zhao, University of North Carolina Charlotte
School Consolidation and Educational Attainment in Western China Talking about Censorship: Mapping Topic Clusters in the Chinese Twitter Sphere
Emily Hannum*, University of Pennsylvania; Xiaoying Liu, University of Pennsylvania; Fan Wang, University of Houston Bo Mai*, University of Pennsylvania; Shiwen Wu, Wuhan University
School Continuation after Compulsory Education in China and Taiwan Weather Effects on Social Movements: Evidence from Washington D.C. and New York City, 1960-1995
Lingxin Hao*, Johns Hopkins University; Shirley Lung, Johns Hopkins University Tony Huiquan Zhang*, University of Toronto
Does Parental Education Matter for Undergraduate International Students from China? 草根行动联盟形成的困境研究:以一家海洋环保NGO推动行动联盟的过程为例
Yingyi Ma*, Syracuse university Pei Cheng*, Shanghai University
Assessing Asian American Exceptionalism in STEM Major Selection 由“发展倒逼”到“生态自觉” ——从鲁中农业生态转型实践谈起
Yuanyuan Liu*, Cornell University; Kim Weeden, Cornell University Yixin Xing*, Hohai University
Can National Investments Reduce the Second Digital Divide? A Comparative Analysis of Middle School Students in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and the World The Current Situation and Affecting Factors of  Youth Environment Protection Action Participation
Josef Kuo-Hsun Ma*, University of Connecticut; Todd Vachon, University of Connecticut; Simon Cheng, University of Connecticut Xuehui Duan*, Shanghai University
4:20-4:30 Tea/Coffee Break
4:30-6:00 Plenary Session, Redwood Room A
New Frontiers in Publishing in the Sociology of China: Editors’ Panel Discussion
Session Organizers: Emily Hannum (University of Pennsylvania) and Xiaoling Shu (University of California Davis)
Panelists: Dr. Zeng Lin, Editor, Chinese Sociological Dialogue (Sage), Wuhan University
                Dr. Xiaogang Wu,  Editor, Chinese Sociological Review (Routledge), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
                Dr. Mei Xiao, Managing Editor, Journal of Chinese Sociology (Springer), Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
                Dr. Yu Xie, Editor-in-Chief, Chinese Journal of Sociology (Sage), University of Princeton
                Dr. Guobin Yang, Co-editor, Communication and the Public (Sage), University of Pennsylvania
Moderator: Xiaoling Shu
6:30-8:30 Dinner Banquet and Awards
Red Lantern Restaurant, 520 Jackson Street, 206-682-7211.
Let’s meet at Sheraton Lobby at 6:10pm. We will either share cabs or walk (20 minutes) to the restaurant. The restaurant is .9 miles from Sheraton Hotel. Free parking is available at Washington Federal Savings Bank (601 S. Jackson St.).